BlueDog Data Services recently launched Engineering-Level Data with associated support and training for the D-Tools software platform.

BlueDog’s Engineering-Level Data enhances its Proposal-Ready Data, enabling integrators to quickly create rough in-wire plans, rack elevations, schematics, and other drawings. Working in a linear method, integrators can develop comprehensive proposals during their sales effort and utilize the same data to support the installation and programming phases. Connecting the strengths of both D-Tools and Visio platforms, each line item is linked to a custom Visio stencil that is placed onto the graphics page to create the final piece. Additionally, a D-Tools Template Project customized with a pre-tabbed Visio drawing file is created to expedite the process.

Engineering-Level Data subscribers are eligible to participate in the ‘Designer on Demand’ services provided by BlueDog’s sister company, Audio Design. The ‘Designer on Demand’ services enable subscribers to purchase blocks of consultation time and work directly with experienced Audio Design team members. The service is provided via webcast and works directly on the subscriber’s server, which was designed to assist D-Tools users in overcoming any hurdles in completing their projects. Employing identical databases, templates and stencil sets, the ‘Designer on Demand’ consultation is an efficient and cost effective way to access a professional systems designer on an “as-needed” basis resulting in a truly scalable business.

“We are pleased to deliver integrators with accurate, complete and consistent data for both proposal and engineering needs,” said Curt Hayes, chief executive officer of BlueDog Data Services. “Our mission is to help integrators be profitable and win jobs. We’ve created a ‘50-in-15’ campaign to show how simple it is to create a $50,000 proposal in 15 minutes. With the ‘Designer-on-Demand’ services also available, we’re able to remove any obstacles to success.”

The “50-in-15” campaign was developed by Curt Hayes in an effort to show integrators how to create a winning proposal. The campaign will include videos showing how to create a project as well as optimize tools, use reports and create drawings in the D-Tools/Visio platform. The first video, showing a $50K Sonos proposal being created in 15 minutes, is available for viewing online.

By: RS Staff
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