How Proposal Software Makes You More Profitable!


Can A/V proposal software make you more PROFITABLE?

It CAN if it’s Powered by BlueDog!

HOW? It’s simple…

PROPOSAL SOFTWARE has the potential to unlock greater profitability, BUT…
DATA is the key to the lock!

A software application is ONLY as good as the product data in its database, and BlueDog Data provides just that… GOOD DATA…or as we like to say “ACCURATE | CONSISTENT | COMPLETE” data.

For a low fixed monthly cost, BlueDog Data provides data management services that populate your software’s database with all the data you need to assemble quality proposals quickly.  Need to add a new product or new product line?  No problem, just make the request and we will have it in your database in 48 hours or less.  

BlueDog provides two levels of service, “Proposal-Ready” and “Engineering-Ready” data.  

Our “Proposal-Ready” data includes:

  • Product and equipment data for only the product lines you sell and install

  • Labor associated with installing the products

  • Associated accessories (so you don’t erode profits by missing related items)

  • Proper installation phase and categorization (aides the ordering and installation processes)

  • Product thumbnails (to make your proposals stand-out)

For our clients who do their own engineering, our ‘Engineering-Ready” data adds:

  • Detailed product specifications

  • Inputs / Outputs

Want to see it for yourself? Take the 15 minute challenge. Contact us to get scheduled for a demo where we’ll show you how to create a $50,000 proposal in 15 minutes – from SCRATCH.