Are You Ready for BlueDog?

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  • What are you willing to let go of to change your business for the better, and what is “better”? 

    • More sales?  

    • More profit on existing sales? 

    • Less waste …of time? Money? 

    • More time to manage? 

    • More time with your clients? 

    • More time for yourself? You’re family? 

  • Are you ready to give up micro-management of the details of your business to build the business you imagined?  To consider trusting one of the most important and urgent of your business activities to a trusted partner? 

  • Then you might be ready for BlueDog… 

In a world of increasing competition,  coupled with plummeting price points and margin, do you find yourself asking “is there ANYTHING left I can do to differentiate my business?  Anything I can do to set me apart and better connect with my clients and prospects?”.  If so then you might be ready for BlueDog. 

 The most consistent answer we hear to those questions is one word: Time.   

  • More time to spend talking about the benefits of the products and services you sell, or have sold.   

  • More time to plan and manage…to be more proactive and less reactive. 

  • More time for the people you created the business for in the first place, including your family…and yourself. 

 If any of this resonates…you’re ready for BlueDog. 

At BlueDog we believe that process is the key to unlock the door to more time.  That Process=Efficiency=Profit and the cornerstone of process isn’t sexy, or obvious.  It’s data.  Accurate, consistent and complete data. 

On a foundation of good data, the framework of timely and accurate proposals can be built.  From this framework, the rest of your business process “trades” can do their work - engineering, ordering/receiving/staging/delivery, installation and programming, invoicing.  

 If you agree, then yes…you are ready for BlueDog.  Let’s schedule a time to talk!