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When migrating to the BlueDog Database, what happens to my existing packages and items in my Product and Labor catalogs?


In a migration (vs. new user) of D-Tools to the BlueDog Database service, existing packages will be lost.  Packages in D-Tools are simply an association or "linking" of items from the Product and/or Labor catalogs.  Because we’re replacing existing catalogs w/our managed versions, these associations will be lost.  But all does NOT have to be lost! 


There is a "work around" to retain package structure and items from the existing catalogs.  Prior to the migration, add all the packages you want to keep to a project.  In D-Tools, project data is “disconnected” from the catalogs and all projects are retained intact in migration.  After the migration, you can then open this project, replace the items in the packages that were from the previous catalog w/corresponding items from our newly loaded managed catalog.  Once satisfied w/the new package structure, simply “update to catalog” to add back to the Package Catalog.


You can do likewise w/any items that you wish to retain from your product and labor catalogs, for instance unique labor items or “house brand” equipment.

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FAQCurt Hayes