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Is it possible for BlueDog to push budget packages to us for setting budgets at preconstruction? We have a new opportunity and would need the following:

1.      Audio Zones 26

2.      Video Zones 17

3.      Keypads 27

4.      Lighting Loads on Crestron 55

5.      Cameras 11

6.      Motorized Window Treatments 16

We would like to be able to provide budgets same day for the architects we regularly work with.


It is provided we first get some guidance on what constitutes each of the "Zones".  We’ll build packages accordingly which may be used in Mobile Quote (if you wish) to throw together a budget for something like this – or our design team can produce the quotes for you in D-Tools SI.

For instance, what makes up the Audio Zones in this example?  Speakers, obviously…can be “good, better, best” based on $ values, or based on actual make/model.  Amplification…could be Crestron based (a package for SWAMP and sources w/additional packages for expanders) or Sonos based (AMP, basically, in same quantity as speakers).  Prewire…ideally prewire packages (quantity for total project, including “prewire only” locations) or built-in to speaker packages. 

Packages can be large and very inclusive (e.g. an 8-zone SWAMP based package that includes everything), or more granular like I describe here.  They can also be as simple as a dollar amount…a $1000 or $2000 or $3000 Audio Zone for instance.  The most important factor is what makes the most sense to the person selling, such that they understand and can effectively (& confidently) work w/their prospects.

We do likewise w/the remaining disciplines…so in MQ it’s pretty straight forward…just select the appropriate packages & quantities for each “Zone” (or system).   

We simply need guidance on the equipment desired to drive the pricing and we can build the packages to support it…like building blocks.  For Mobile Quote it’s important that you understand the naming convention of the packages and what’s in them, as all you’ll see in the app is the package name. 

Alternatively, our design team can build the budgets for you w/little more than what you provide here if you wish (which may be coupled w/a Concept Drawing for a very compelling visual presentation).  Again, we’ll need guidance on the equipment you want to derive the pricing…then we’ll build the packages…and then we can put budget quotes together quickly and deliver a pre-defined report set.  In this scenario, you could leverage the Client Portal for client review and electronic approval.  The advantage over MQ is that there is reporting capability by building the budget in D-Tools (MQ doesn’t have this) and significantly more flexibility for “custom” stipulations.

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Curt Hayes