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Do we send the request through the portal when its just a few items or do we add them on our own and only send a request when it’s a big group of items?


The link to our support portal is below which may be used to create a login.  We recommend limiting local entry to the degree possible and making requests for item adds to our catalog as they arise…we get requests for single items routinely, and would rather knock those out as they come than wait for comprehensive lists that take more time to compile, process and track for replacement in proposals.  

Our recommendation is to add items locally in a way you can easily identify (for instance tagging w/the ~, which is rarely used otherwise), so you can find/replace w/our master item once published.  If you reference the support ticket w/the proposal associated w/the request, it’s a good reminder when we close the ticket (you’ll get a notification).

To reiterate/remind, with respect to items that get requested…our group philosophy is to only add items to the master catalog that have high likelihood of getting used in a project (and that aren’t “one offs”, where an allowance placeholder is more appropriate).  Further, these would be items assumed to be non-proprietary…that is, not unique to JUST your operation.  These can extend beyond “hard” manufacturers (e.g. a Sony TV) to Owner Supplied, allowance placeholder, labor / programming and the like…if used w/in the industry and in a D-Tools proposal, we’d want to include in the master catalog. 

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