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"If our info is correct, the Strong SR-FS-SYSTEM-DC-27U rack comes with fans built in. You have ~FK-120-2 as a part to be ordered. Can you please verify this and make the ~FK-120-2 a DO NOT ORDER item if it really shouldn't be ordered. Also, it would be nice to flag Snap's Thermostat system for that rack as an optional accessory while you're in there."


According to the SnapAV website this series of racks does come w/fans.  The model is not called out, but one of our clients informed us it is the model we have accessorized (the advantage of an active client group, as.we have also been informed of changes w/out notice in the past).  Per our catalog structure, the item is identified as package item as it is prefixed w/tilde symbol (~), has DO NOT ORDER for part number and has *PACKAGE ITEM [DO NOT ORDER] appended in the description.  Historically, this has been most effective way w/in D-Tools to highlight items that ship as a package and thus need to be included for labor, dimensions, power and i/o's.  In version v.12, D-Tools added the Do Not Order checkbox under the Order tab.  We do not manage this table, thus our clients can check that box and independently manage which items will show up on POs.

As for the controller, there are 3 different models available on the SnapAV website and they are accessorized items in our catalog.  Thus, we do not include items of this nature as accessories in our master catalog.  However, our software provides the option for our clients to have us turn off accessory management, allowing the addition of the preferred controller in this example (along w/additional power cord and any other associated items) locally and our software will not overwrite.  With accessory management turned off, our clients can ADD accessories locally and change the "prompt" and "recommend" settings, but can NOT delete...our software will re-add deleted items.

Curt Hayes