BlueDog Data FAQ's

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"I did a little scratchpad math to see where we'd end up vs. our current setup. Even if I manage to negotiate with you and D-Tools to waive up-front fees, we're still upside down $151.99 monthly. I would love to build the case where this makes sense, but I (naively) entered this adventure assuming a net cost savings over shelling out to Intuit monthly".


Not knowing the metrics, we can’t speak to the “upside down” number.  What we can speak to is that the value of our current data service is predicated on whether or not a company has decided to integrate D-Tools into its business process.  The integration of any business software is to presumably address some sort of business challenge – to be more efficient, reduce costs, etc. – with the intent of improving bottom line profit.  D-Tools software CAN accomplish this…BUT…provided it’s loaded with a functional database.  Purchasing D-Tools (or any database dependent software) without a plan for the database is the equivalent to buying a car without a plan for an engine.  In this case, you can build it yourself or we can provide a high-performance (proven) version that’s immediately ready to install and start driving.


If the decision has been made to purchase D-Tools, the value proposition for our service is pretty hard to miss.  Cloud hosting, ongoing product additions, data maintenance, etc. aside – in a new install we typically load well over 5000 proposal and engineering ready product and labor items.  Based on VAST data entry experience, to add a new item to D-Tools that meets the necessary criteria to support all the functionality of the application (over 30 fields, in our process, including dimensions, power consumption, I/O’s PLUS accessories) takes on average (conservatively) in the neighborhood of 12 minutes – and that assumes you already know what you’re doing, have established written guidelines for entry and VERY competent (expensive) personnel identified for the job.  For easy math, 5000 items x 12 minutes = 1000 hours of data entry time to equal our initial load.  Do the math and that’s an expensive proposition!  At our current pricing, that equates to ~$1 / item that we load…and that assumes that’s ALL you got (none of the aforementioned services we also provide over the course of the year).


All that said, we don’t attempt to talk ANYONE in to our data service.  It’s simply not worth the effort and potential for compromising the relationships vital to our long-term success.  We welcome ALL who “get it” and find the value in it…recognizing that not everyone is “ready for BlueDog”.  If you are, then we are happy to welcome you to “the pack”!  If not, no offense taken on our part and we look forward to providing whatever services we can that you feel add value to your business.