Design Services

System Design Services


Proposal Generation

One of BlueDog's most important services is the creation of accurate and highly detailed project specifications, or proposals.  Our experienced designers will work with you to determine the scope and system capabilities required and then specify all of the equipment, materials and labor necessary to complete the project.  Every proposal is written utilizing D-Tools system design software which has been extensively customized, resulting in proposals that are unsurpassed in accuracy and attention to detail.

We leverage the size and accuracy of the BlueDog Master Catalog containing fields for client information such as make, model, list price and description, as well as management information such as cost, category & type, SKU#, installation phase and time, dimensions and input/output connections.   In addition to this individual product information, our proposals also include budgets for the “soft” or hidden time required for successful installation such as Project Management, Administration and Design.  All of this information can be easily accessed through the use of custom reports.  BlueDog will create a set of these reports just for you, providing all the tools necessary for sales, operations and management.

Concept Drawing

The concept drawing provides a visual representation of the system, using images of proposed equipment on Client provided floor plan drawing.  These images provide the prospective client an indication of what they can expect to “see” and expect in terms of functionality.  This document typically includes only the main components contained within each location as follows:

  • Displays
  • Speakers
  • User Interfaces
  • Source Components
  • Integrated Systems


Scope of Work Summary

This document includes a definition of the systems to be included and a list of all project locations.  More importantly, it provides a “thumbnail” overview of the equipment and systems to be integrated on a room-by-room basis.  It is especially useful in combination with the System Block Diagram, providing a place to further define expectations and list any special features and/or specific client requests.  Over the course of a long, new-construction project the Scope of Work summary is a great resource to return to as a reminder of the goals and objectives of the original system design.

Cabinet Elevation Drawings

This document provides a preliminary conceptual rendering of how the cabinets where equipment is to be located may be configured, as well as dimensional requirements for displays, racks and speakers which may impact the aesthetics and storage capacity.



Line Drawing

The block diagram is a pictorial view of the proposed system which can be a powerful tool in helping to understand the intricacies of a large Audio/Video/Automation project. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this drawing can be worth thousands of dollars as it helps ensure that there are no misconceptions regarding equipment and locations, as well as signal type and path.