Design Services Pricing

Proposal generation

We have several pricing options for proposal generation services that have, over the last decade, worked with 

  1. T&M basis ($125/hr. with 2 hr. minimum) or…
  2. Percentage base; % of the designed project value
    1. <$17.5k = $250 (w/ 1 revision)
    2. >$350k
    3. $200k to $350k = 1.00% (w/ 3 revision)
    4. $51k to $200 = 1.25% (w/ 2 revision)
    5. $17.5k to $50k = 1.5% (w/ 1 revision)
  3. Custom fixed fee based on scope
    1. T&M suggested

This fee is derived from the initial proposal value (rev0) minus the following:

  • Taxes
  • Misc parts fees
  • Any system we do not design (i.e. – A theater build out by others)

(We enter these as line items for you but do not charge you for it.)

Includes revisions as noted* (within scope**)

  • *Note – An “edit” to get your project correct to your expectations is not considered a revision.  A revision occurs after you have presented it and you must alter the job based on a new understanding of the client’s desires.)
  • ** Note:  Within scope in our industry is self-explanatory.  We cannot design a matrix based video distribution system with centralized control and then re-design it as all stand-alone systems using universal remotes within the same contracted amount.  If your client is unable to lock down a scope, we can simply work T&M until everyone is on the same page.
  • Work completed after the specified number of revisions or for out of scope revisions shall be at a re-negotiated fixed fee or on a T&M basis.


  1. T&M basis ($125/hr. with 2 hr. minimum) or…
  2. Fixed fee
    • Rough-In/Rack/Schematic drawing package usually run between 3%-5% of a project total.
    • Here are some variables to weigh when estimating the drawing costs per job:
      • Over-all project price:
        • The higher the overall project price the lower percentage
        • The lower the overall project price the higher the percentage
      • Quality:
        • The higher the quality the lower percentage
        • The lower the quality the higher the percentage
      • Drawing prices are determined on a case by case basis based on the number of systems and amount of product we are having to do drawings for.

Any other drawing in our package can be completed on a fixed-fee basis that we can supply once a scope of work is provided.