Didja Know…??? Sonos Optical to HDMI Adaptor

Thanks to BlueDog database client Greg Finger for this contribution.  In the system design world, adaptors & black boxes can be the difference between success and failure in many applications.  Thanks, Greg, for the tip…it makes the data better (and design jobs easier) for all! 

“Sonos Optical to HDMI adapter. It's a part that's included with the Sonos Beam, but as a separate part it can also be used with the new Sonos AMP that has an HDMI input. I've tested it in our showroom, and it works great. 

The usage scenario we have is a TV with remote equipment. We'd install out video sources and Sonos Amp remotely, use an Atlona Juno HDMI switcher, send video over an HDR extender with optical audio return, and use the optical to HDMI to send that audio into the Sonos Amp. Since the Sonos Amp has IR control, it allows us to use Universal remotes to control volume of the Sonos Amp for TV watching.

 I think there should be 2 variations created, one that’s paid, and one that's included with the Beam. It should be an accessory for the Sonos Amp as the paid option of course. Maybe add and VIDEO-HDMI to the amp as well.”

Use any standard HDMI cable and the Optical Audio Adaptor to connect Beam to your TV’s optical audio output.