Didja Know…???  It Might be the Power Cord…

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Do your projects ever come up short on labor?  Techs take longer to "complete" than anticipated?  If so, have you considered the lowly power cord?  For example, a simple Sonos "hand & bang" project we designed last week ($20K total) had no less than 25 POWER CORDS.  At our labor standard of .1 hrs. (6 minutes) per cord, that's 2.5 hours of labor that might be overlooked or unanticipated.  Of course, ALL items in the BlueDog Database are accessorized w/power cords as necessary…just another detail we sweat to help our subscribers be more successful every project!


For a look at how we do it, check out these videos:


·         50 in 15 Sonos:  BlueDog Data 50 in 15 Sonos

·         50 in 15 Sonos (eng):  BlueDog 50 in 15 Sonos-Engineering


Didja know…??? Is a series of "information bits" by Curt Hayes, BlueDog Group co-founder and managing partner, and architect of the BlueDog Database.http://www.bluedog.group