Data Services Pricing and Plans  

Curated Product and Labor Catalog for D-Tools

BlueDog Data Services provides multiple subscription plan options in our Curated Catalog services offering.  These options are tailored around the amount the new data items our clients need us to enter on their behalf.  

Features common to all plans

  • BlueDog hosts and maintains Amazon "cloud" server for multi-location Internet access to D-Tools server

  • BlueDog loads products & labor items for manufacturers you sell and install into your D-Tools catalog

  • BlueDog "pushes" new product & manufacturer data as available and as requested by you

  • BlueDog adds catalog items per month that you request, up to the limit in your plan (unless of course you want more, then there is a slight charge)

  • Ongoing Catalog Updates are of NO-CHARGE and include*:

    • Price updates

    • Status changes (discontinued)

    • Labor hours updates as we revise labor estimates from actual field experience

    • Edits made to descriptions, accessories and any other managed fields as new information becomes available

* BlueDog does provide an Insert Only Option: BlueDog inserts data into your catalog, but doesn't provide any updates to the data.  This allows you to have  full control of items once added to your D-Tools catalog in the event you want to change accessories, labor, descriptions, or any other data files.   Data will be NOT be over-written in your catalog when we make updates in our master catalog.  Note: The quality and accuracy of the data will be yours to own when this option is exercised.  . 


  • Data Services Setup Fee - $1,999 (one-time fee)

    • BlueDog loads every single item from every single manufacturer that you are authorized to sell, install, and support (on average that is ~4,500 items)

    • Includes the addition of up to 40 items to your catalog that BlueDog doesn't have in our master catalog

    • BlueDog loads prewire packages & template projects into your instance of D-Tools

    • Two hour on-line orientation to walk-through use of catalog, reports, and packages

  • Data subscription with cloud hosting - Varies, see table below (monthly recurring fee)

    • Includes hosting and administration of your D-Tools server in the Amazon Web Services Cloud

    • Data entry requests - number of requests per month established by the subscription level (see below)

    • The number of items you may require us to enter per month will depend on the following:

      • The number of products or product lines you add to your offerings

      • How consistent you and your team are in product selection for the systems and projects you install

  • Optional / Add-On Services

    • Custom Visio stencil/template setup - $1,299.00

      • Optional, but necessary for outsourced design services (includes 2 hours of phone support for setup)

      • Our catalog items are linked to D-Tools standard stencil set, so they work like any new item you would enter (i.e. manually or D-Tools download). If you like the look of our drawings in the sample set, and if you like the idea of having our design services team available on an “as needed” basis, then we have the custom Visio stencil/template set we can provide for you. It’s a process to get them loaded and setup (not software driven, it’s manual in Visio), but we have a senior designer who does all the linking internally, and who will guide you through getting your local machine set up.

    • On-site 1 day “Jump Start” training - $1,799.00

      • 10-12 hours depending on flight schedule (plus travel & lodging)

      • Our initial setup fee includes a 1-hour orientation, to take a quick tour through some of the unique aspects of our catalog. Many clients want an accelerated “jumpstart” for launching D-Tools, which we do in a 1-day training

    • Custom Package Creation:

      • Small (up to 10 supported equipment items) - $25.00

      • Medium (up to 20 supported equipment items) - $45.00

      • Large (up to 35 supported equipment items) - $60.00

      • Custom (hourly) - $125.00 / hour


  • All plans require a 1 year minimum subscription, renewing at month-to-month thereafter

  • We provide a discount equivalent to 2 months of fees for the selected plan for upfront payment of the annual subscription

    • e.g. Prepayment of the 5 item/month plan provides a 16% discount - ($349*12 - $349*2) = $4,188 - $698 = $3,490

Curated Catalog Monthly Subscription Prices