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Smart Services for

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We Help Residential and Commercial Integrators

Create and Accelerate

Winning Prosposals and System Designs

and Manage

Product and Labor Catalogs

BlueDog provides services for Residential and Commercial Systems Integrators.  

Our cost-effective services will help your business run more efficiently and profitably.

We handle the work that is tedious and usually isn't core to your business.



Services Overview  



Managed Product and Labor Catalogs for D-Tools

Do you own D-Tools licenses?  Used effectively D-Tools can generate a massive competitive advantage for your business.  However, managing the product and labor catalog can require a massive investment in time and money. 

Well no more!  We provide ACCURATE | CONSISTENT | COMPLETE data for your D-Tools product and labor catalogs for only the brands and lines you carry.  You and your staff will never need to spend time or energy creating items in the catalog because we will ensure that what you want to propose, specify, or order is already in your catalog.


System Design Services

Our experienced designers work with you to determine the scope and system capabilities required and then specify all of the equipment, materials and labor necessary to complete the project.

We reduce your time and effort to create compelling, complete, and accurate Proposals and Scopes of Work so you can focus on your relationships with your customers instead of creating proposals.   


System Documentation Services

Proper documentation is critical to the installation and ultimately maintenance of all but the simplest residential or commercial electronics systems.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, System Documentation can be worth thousands of dollars as it helps ensure that there are no misconceptions regarding equipment and locations, as well as signal type and path.

We work with you to create all of the documentation you need to ensure that the right equipment is installed in the right location and properly connected to the other parts of the system.  This helps installations go smoothly and makes service calls less of a headache.  

At the same time, Documentation Services can be another source of profit for your growing integration business. 

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